T-shirts and team work come together for tigers

Written by: Vicky Flynn from TigerTime 

It takes team work, at a local and a global level, to save wild tigers. So we're delighted to have the help of an enthusiastic supporter who is turning his passion to protect tigers into action! 

Jake Arnold from Ottawa in Canada has set up a business called 'Preserve The Tiger' to help promote awareness of the issues facing wild tigers and raise funds to support our tiger conservation work.

"My goal is not only to sell stylish street clothes for men and women, but to spread awareness about wild tigers," says Jake.

And that is what wild tiger conservation needs - awareness, support and funding.

"Tigers have been in crisis for almost a century and although they remain one of the world's most loved species their numbers remain dangerously low at c, 3,500.  They are failing to get the media attention and political support that will help preserve them in the wild so anything that helps, from the smallest donation, to signing our ban tiger trade petition to buying a t-shirt is important," says TigerTime manager, Vicky Flynn. 

You can find out more about Jake's new site via Facebook or Twitter - it goes live on March 23rd at: www.preservethetiger.com 




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  • This is awesome, what a cool idea. The products look fantastic!


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