About Us

Tiger in the wild. Preserve the tiger premium quality affordable streetwear clothing and apparel. Ten percent of profits go towards Tigertime which helps save endangered tigers worldwide.

Preserve the Tiger was created in March of 2017. I saw a need for change in the present preservation of tigers worldwide after reading an article from National Geographic that talked about the poaching of wild tigers and how these beautiful creatures are being killed so that poachers can make luxury products out of the tiger’s skin, bones and claws to then sell them for a huge gain. I always knew this was a problem, but thought it was getting better. I was wrong. It was worse than ever and only 3,800 wild tigers remain worldwide. I knew I needed to act fast and do whatever I could to help. Thus, Preserve the Tiger was born. 

We donate 10% of our net profits to TigerTime, a campaign of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation based out of the UK that raises awareness and funds for key tiger conservation projects in Russia, India and Thailand supporting vital anti-poaching patrols, undercover investigations, educational programs and monitoring activities central to the survival of the tiger in the wild. TigerTime campaigns to engage a global audience in working to protect wild tigers through fundraising, awareness and calling for an end to the trade in tiger parts from all sources. You can find out more at www.tigertime.info

Sometimes the strongest and most powerful of animals need our help and without our help the next generation will only know what a tiger looks like through old pictures and not real life. Don’t let tigers disappear from our world. Join me on this mission and let’s make a difference right now. 


- Jacob Arnold (founder)